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Sam is a wonderful, patient teacher who explains things very well. In my first time ever driving, I was nervous at the start but by the end we were able to go through the city because I was confident enough with my steering and turns. He takes things very gradually so that you’re not scared of driving. He’s a brilliant teacher and I would 100% recommend him to anybody!


Sam’s a really great instructor! I feel a whole lot more confident about my driving now, he points out the mistakes you make and is very patient with you in fixing them! Best instructor in Toowoomba!


09 Sep 2016


If you want to ace your practical driving test than Sam from L to P driving instructions is PERFECT, I recommend Sam to any type of driver whether you’re starting out on your Learners or an experienced driver that needs to touch up on your driving skills! He is very patient even when you make a mistake, he pushes you in the correct and safe direction that you need to go to suceed. Thank you so much Sam for helping me conqure my fears of driving and helping me get to where I want to be



Siksha mani

27 Jul 2016

Sam’s a very patient instructor and explains very thoroughly and in detail which is beneficial. Would definitely recommend him.


04 Jul 2016

Sam Duong is a very patient, encouraging and good instructor. He goes into detail on how to drive the car deeply and is a friendly man. I highly reccommend this school.


08 Jun 2016

Before I met Sam, I took many many driving lessons both in Sweden and HK. But I still can’t drive by myself, I was so nervous when I drove and I couldn’t believe that I can drive one day by myself!! Everything changed after I had Sam’s driving lessons. He was enormous patient and he can notice what I need to do more training at once, meanwhile the most important is he gives me the confidence to drive. After 10 lessons, I can drive by myself with confidence. It’s a miracle for me! Thank you Sam



This is the best driver teacher in Toowoomba! I Have done a no mistakes test because his lesson.
Thank you Sam!!

Trai w

I was driving with Sam and he made me feel very comfortable, there was lots of communications and was really good with talking and explaining things to me. Most of all he was very patient with me I highly recommend this school.


Makes you feel at ease behind the wheel. I was confident in 2 classes and was also able to maneuver in busy roads . I highly recommend Sam for drivers low in confidence and ones needing simple tips to learn driving.


L to P Driving helped me improve my driving skills and explained everything before we started. It was a great experience like that for my first driving lesson from a driving instructor. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is on their Learners and would like to improve the driving skills


Sam he is a patience instructor it is fun learning from him. Good instructor which helps you have confident in driving with no fear. Highly Recommended instructor


Sherlae Wu

Sam is a very friendly and helpful instructor. He is very professional, he has taught me many good techniques are easy to follow that helped a lot for a learner. I would definitely recommend him to my other friends who are learning to drive. The lessons were always enjoyable and fun. Thank you L to P driving school for enabling me to improve my driving skills.


I have got my Chinese license for many years but passing the driving test in Australia seemed a little bit hard for me because there were so many differences between the rules and my driving habits. Thanks to Sam from L To P Driving Instruction, I passed my test finally. He was such a nice and patient trainer and pointed out all my mistakes and trained me again and again. He kept telling me that fixing my problems was not just for passing the test, but also make sure I will be a safe driver in the future which is important for me and all other people. I am very fortune to have Sam as my trainer and I would recommend him to anyone who would like to pass his test at the first time. By the way, Sam is also able to speak a wide range of languages, English. Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, that make it so much easy for people from different language backgrounds. Thank you again Sam.


Sam is a very friendly and helpful instructor. Before each lesson or trial he describes which techniques should be followed and after each one he explains what went wrong and what was done right. He is a hard working instructor and I wish him all the best.


It was a pleasure having Sam as my driving instructor. Very professional and positive approach, easy to get along with and friendly. Sam is a very excellent instructor very cooperative, patient and helpful and will guide you thoroughly through each step. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to get their license.


I was able to pass my driving test after a second try. If I just found Sam from the beginning, then maybe I could have passed the test with just one shot and not wasted valuable time and money. Thanks to Sam, he was really a good trainer. He’s got the skills, words of wisdom and the passion of helping others achieve their goals which I think is the most important thing. What is important to him is to see you pass your test. Quality above all…

Through Sam, I was able to pass my driving test smoothly. I learned plenty of techniques and good driving habits from him. He’ll properly guide you to how will you successfully deal and pass your driving test. I would strongly recommend his service to the newbies and experienced driver who wants to easily pass their driving test! Remarkable value and quality of service truly.



It was really good! I enjoyed driving while learning techniques from him. I didn’t expect that I could learn easily and comfortably.

I just started my lessons and I am already feeling confident. The instructor is very experienced and very good at teaching! I was so scared to start my driving lessons but I have got the right person.


John Odera

I decided to take a chance on L to P driving school and it was the best decision I have ever made. Most driving schools that I had attended make a lot of assumptions e.g. they tell you not to cut corners. L to P driving school was the first to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to correct it. L to P driving school will teach you a technique their way and then observe you attempt to do it. After several tries, they will teach you to do the same technique your own way from their observations. They also have gradual learning process, meaning that they first teach you the easier things, and then gradually upgrade you to the more difficult things. Sam is extremely patient and takes his time to make students comfortable with the vehicles. Above all, they have attractive rates for students and are available all days of the week. Thank you L to P driving school for enabling me pass my driving test.

2015-07-03_1140_001Dat Nguyen

Excellent driving instructor and service. I would definitely recommend L To P Driving for those who want to learn to drive a car.

I passed my driving test first time. Once again I would definitely recommend L to P driving school.


Yonghui Tao

It was a fun and concise lesson. I learnt a lot of things and it was extremely helpful. The structure of the lesson was very good with briefings and lots of practice.

Sam is a very patient and understanding instructor. He makes you feel calm and relaxed. His techniques are very easy to follow. L to P is a true value for money service.


Laura Thum

A very calm and controlled experience, stress was not a factor in the lesson or whatsoever and technic to drive was incredible helpful.


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Google plus review and Word of mouth online review